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This was a year that no one could have expected or predicted, not even in their wildest dreams. We’ve all lived through hardship and have had to endure the uncertainty of changing tides. Which is exactly what we want to talk about today – changing tides, or rather, “Changing Tides”, the astonishing hit single from artist Shani.

We would’ve said the latest of her singles, but last week, she rectified that by coming out with another excellent offering, just in time for the holidays, entitled “Light of the World” (and we highly recommend that you go check that out as well if you’re eager to get in the mood for Christmas).

But for now, let’s turn our attention back to “Changing Tides”, a jazzy, moody piece, filled with emotion and great vocals (but then, from such a talented artist, you couldn’t really expect any less!).

As the music video shows, “Changing Tides” is a song recorded in times of great uncertainty, with each of the performers making their respective contribution from their home/studio, in accordance with current safety regulations. Alongside Shani, we have Les July on bass, Orbel “Orbellion” Babayan on guitar and keyboards, and LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson on sax. Together, they manage to paint a piece of such intensity and emotion that it’s difficult to remain unmoved, even if “Changing Tides” isn’t your usual genre of music.

The reason this song is just so appropriate for the current year is that it speaks about difficulty and about navigating uncertain times, but does so with great confidence, and manages to convince the listener that together, we can rise above and get over anything. We can change the tide, so to speak. And when you have a voice as melodic and emotion-filled as Shani’s, it can easily convince you of anything.

Changing Tides” is truly a wonderful track from a wonderful person. A fantastically gifted and successful artist, Shani dedicates a large chunk of her time to various charities, for example heading the “Voices Out” project, which helps abused children and animals.

And in spite of her generous contribution to various great causes, she still manages to collaborate on various projects. She creates memorable soundtracks for films like Jack Black’s “Crossworlds”, or her own, upcoming “City of Crows”. She produces movies, and when she’s not doing any of that, she’s thinking up great tunes, like “Changing Tides”. A rare gem, one that we feel you need to be aware of!

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