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Shani Rigsbee ( SHANI), is part of a rare power pack of American stars that are equally fluent  both on stage, recordings and on screen.   A multi-award winning Artist, her credits as a Singer, Composer and Producer appear in major motion pictures and she has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious venues.  Widely considered an International Artist, at  the heart of it, she is just an American girl from a small town in Arkansas with a love for rhythm, melody and soul and a move to the big city of L.A. changed it all…  

After relocating to Los Angeles at the end of her high school years, she honed her talents and was introduced to a wide range of International music.  She was then invited to tour, write and record with some of the entertainment industry’s finest Artists – globally famous such as International Pop Icon and Hollywood “Walk of Fame” recipient, ANDY Madadian, a Persian Armenian Superstar whom she has performed and collaborated with for years.   Soon her work became featured in film and television with a special emphasis on globally diverse projects.  With 4 Solo albums released Internationally, she has also released a variety of singles and collaborations and  recorded in multiple languages.  Her award winning musical, humanitarian venture called “We Hear Your Voice,  was an original song penned, produced and performed by Shani and features some of the World’s greatest voices singing in solidarity and unity with top Producers and musicians in the industry lending support.  It was chosen to be performed before a live televised audience for the One World Peace Concert  with the Dalai Llama on AXS TV.   Her single, “Changing Tides” was written and performed by Shani in response to the outcry of civil rights in America and around the world.    She has written and performed and original Holiday song, “Light of the World” and a special collaboration Short Musical Film,  “Breathe Free” which she also performed with ANDY about overcoming adversity  and is paired with a state of the art music video with a 2 time Oscar Nominated Virtual Producer collaboration.  

The Warner Brothers released feature film, AMERICAN WRESTLER features Shani as a singer in the end title credit song she co-wrote called “Rise” performed by ANDY . She is also appears in the music video and directed it.   She wrote the theme song “The Good Fight” to the  film, AMERICAN FIGHTER.   She has created and performed works for many other television and features which include her song, “El Llamar de Pasión – Call of the Wild” in the ACADEMY AWARD WINNER for Best Picture, CRASH.  On screen, Shani has played a variety of roles from a sultry femme fatale to a seductive ancient temptress.   In GUARDIAN ANGEL, she plays a Detective and has also written and performed the theme / end credit song “Far and Away” for the film.     Shani was the Featured Vocalist in the 20th Century Fox epic film, ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING and also appeared in and provided music for THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (Dreamworks).  In THE KEEPER – THE LEGEND OF OMAR KHAYYAM (Guide Company Films) with Academy Award Winner Vanessa Redgrave, she played  the exotic “Court Entertainer”  and was also the Executive Producer of the film’s soundtrack and created original music for the film, “From Here to Beyond”.   One of her first major credits was being chosen as the featured Vocalist for Sony Playstation’s  PARASITE EVE, a mega popular and ground-breaking International Hit.  Her debut film role was the feature film CROSSWORLDS with  Josh Charles and Jack Black and she also has several episodic television credits in her archives from her earlier ingénue days in Los Angeles. 

She has parlayed her skills both in the music world and her experience as both a performer on screen and stage into also producing and directing many of  her own music videos.  Her latest project,  DARK ASSET is a feature film where she serves as a Producer and is also a featured cast member.   She  also has written and performs the film’s  theme song, “Upside” which also is a bonus track off  her latest  completed album, “The Moon Knows”,  a throwback to her earliest childhood inspirations and influences, drawing upon R & B /  soul, old school pop and jazz.

Shani has also worked in many charitable, humanitarian and service-oriented capacities, and having her own first hand experiences battling a life-threatening illness with Ovarian cancer, she felt her path enlightened and has dedicated much of her personal and professional life to causes she believes in.  She has served on Non Profits / Board of Directors such as the Women’s Clinic and  Family Counseling Center in Los Angeles and been on prestigious Host Committees and performed in countless high-profile charitable events around the world.   She also served as Producer of the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Inaugural Purple Ball’s show in Washington D.C with featured Performances with IL DIVO and others.   An avid Animal Welfare advocate and committed to those must vulnerable, she is the Founder and President of a Non Profit organization,  Voices Out, Inc  which gives voice and aid to children and animals in abusive, neglectful and abandoned conditions.  

“Upside”  – Main Title theme music for the Motion Picture, Dark Asset

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