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Reaching the shores of South Africa in Christmas 2020, USA Film and music star ‘Shani’ sings ‘Light of The World’

I’ll give the best of me to you
Just hold on…

And you hold on, because from the first few accords, SHANI’s voice and music win you over and seduces its way to the heart of your being. As always, L.A. artist SHANI comes out with a powerful, jazzy piece, filled with sentimental, yet heartening lyrics, and wonderfully-assembled instrumentals.

On her latest piece, “Changing Tides”, SHANI is joined by artists Orbel “Orbellion” Babayan on guitar/keyboard, Les July on bass, and LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson on saxophone. Together, they paint a whimsical, fascinating piece about finding strength and rising above the challenges you encounter in your life. It’s a thoroughly encouraging and thought-provoking piece that only leaves you wanting more. And it’s funny, in a way, because you don’t even know what part you loved the most about it. Was it the smooth jazz vibes, or was it SHANI’s sensual, powerful voice? Was it the skilful arrangement by Mr. Babayan, or was it the blue-tint music video?

Once again, SHANI manages to stun and seduce her audience, but that is nothing new for her. The artist has been a fixture on the music scene for years now, coming out with one great tune after another. She’s also made important contributions to a wide array of successful movies, most notably “Crossworlds” with Jack Black. She’s worked on numerous charitable projects and organizations to help those in need, and most recently, she is involved in the production of the movie “City of Crows”SHANI will also be providing the soundtrack for that one. Really, you would be hard-pressed to find a more versatile, more exciting artist than SHANI right now, who’s not only managed to survive this crazy year, but also make something beautiful of it.
What’s more, she’s just released a brand new piece in time for the Christmas season, entitled “Light of the World”, to brings us all some much-needed holiday cheer.

Go check out this fantastic artist if you haven’t already and see why hundreds of thousands of people across the world are falling in love with “Changing Tides”.

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